Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Off to Victoria, BC - JASNA AGM and Gardens!


Just a quick post to say stay tuned for posts about the JASNA AGM in Victoria, BC this weekend. After the AGM ends on Sunday, my husband is flying up and we'll spend the following week exploring the city, the island, and all the wonderful gardens therein.

It's been 11 years since I was able to attend an AGM (Ft Worth), which also focused on Sense and Sensibility, so I am very excited.


  1. Hope it is fun! I spent a day there once and found a few good bookstores. I did not splurge on tea at the Empress Hotel but I regretted it afterward. With luck, that will have been part of the JASNA conference.

  2. I was there! I'm so, so sorry I didn't see your post before I left, I would have tried to meet you in real life! I went up early and spent a few days in Vancouver and was so busy that I didn't even check my Feedly to catch up on blogs.

    I'm so sorry to have missed you there but I hope you had a great time! Hopefully we can meet up at another AGM someday.

    1. Yes, so sorry we didn't meet up, but Denver/Boulder is hosting next year's AGM so I will be there in spades! Probably working most of the time, but if you come, please let me know so we can meet up!

  3. Interesting both conferences were on Sense & Sensibility .... You must be a total expert on the novel now. And I hope the conference lived up to everything you hoped. It sounds fascinating.