Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

Every year I plan to read holiday themed books in December, and every year I find myself reading something else.

Not so this year, I have officially signed up for the 6th Annual Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge, and am well under way.

I'm more than half done with Jennifer Chiaverini's Christmas Bells.

Have read the first story in Anthony Trollope's Christmas at Thompson Hall and Other Christmas Stories, and will read more this weekend.

And I am eager to start J.R.R. Tolkien's Letters From Father Christmas.

I'm always looking for recommendations, so what are your favorite holiday-themed stories?

Happy Holiday Reading!


  1. I do the same thing... plan Christmas-themed reading and never follow through. Just treated myself to that edition of Christmas at Thompson Hall, so this year will be different!

  2. It looks like you have chosen some great authors to read for this event.

    I did not know that Trollope's collection even existed. Perhaps I will try to squeeze in a reading of it myself. I am curious to read your thoughts on it.

  3. Hmm I'm not familiar with the Tolkien book. What's that like? I guess my favorite Christmas one is Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I know I'm not very original

  4. I need to start on the Tolkien letters too. I also flipped back to my challenge post from last year and saw I had picked out too Christmas books by Susan Wiggs that I didn't get to and I said I would read next year! That's now! I'm starting with Lakeshore Christmas. Jan Karon also had a good Christmas novel last year.

  5. Oh, you've picked some great literary reads!! I had no idea that one of my favorite authors of all time -- J.R.R. Tolkien -- had written a Christmas-themed book! I'll have to add it to my Goodreeads shelves right away! As for the other two books, I'm adding them as well. Great choices for this challenge!

    This year, I've joined the challenge at both of my blogs.

    I'm looking forward to reading everyone's reviews!! : )

    Maria @ A Night's Dream of Books (YA fiction) and MindSpirit Book Journeys (classics, literary fiction, SF, and nonfiction)

  6. Tolkien's book is one of my favorite holiday books and it's so sweet and charming that it makes my socks pop off at the end. A very poignant read.