Thursday, September 29, 2011

Elizabeth Gaskell: 20 Questions Quiz...audience participation requested!

I just received my Autumn Newsletter from the Gaskell Society and opened to find a quiz, which I eagerly took and at which I blushingly did abysmally.  I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about Gaskell and well-read with regards to her works, but clearly my memory is not a steeltrap.

I thought it would be fun to post the quiz and see how well others can do.  I also vow to read up on Gaskell (again!) so that I can do better on future quizzes.  Feel free to provide answers in the comments so I don't have to tax myself by too much Googling!  I will post the answers in another post when I feel I have a reasonably good handle on them. Hopefully I can get them all before the answers are in published in the Society's Spring newsletter.

Without further ado...

1.  What was the address of Elizabeth Stevenson's London birthplace?
2. In which month and year did she die? 
3. What was the second name of Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell's daughter, Julia?
4. Who was the music teacher to the Gaskell family at Plymouth Grove?
5. Name 4 other names which appear with ECG in the window of Poets' Corner.
6. What was the cuase of death of ECG's son, William?
7. Which of ECG's novels finish with these words--"That woman!"?
8. In North and South, where is Captain Lennox's regiment stationed?
9. What was the name of Aunt Lumb's daughter?
10. Which continental city is featured in Dark Night's Work?
11. Which publication was Mr Davis reading in The Squire's Story?
12. Which word did ECG use to describe the drains at Plymouth Grove?
13. By what name did William Gaskell call his wife?
14. Where was ECG when she wished she had a book to write instead of just a letter?
15. What did Lizzie Leigh want her baby to be called?
16. Which ECG novel has a link with Winchester?
17. Name 3 doctors who appear in ECG's fiction?
18. Which surname does ECG used in both Wives and Daughters and The Half Brothers?
19. Which short story by ECG begins with this line -- "Mr and Mrs Openshaw came from Manchester to settle in London."
20. Which ECG biographer has recently become the President of The Literary Alliance of Literary Societies?


  1. Wow! That was very difficult! There are some I should know, but at this time of night, my brain is mush. These are the only one I am confident about is:
    #7 -- North and South

  2. I'm nowhere near familiar enough with Elizabeth Gaskell's life and works to answer most of these!

  3. Clearly I still much to learn, I answered 9/20. Thank you for posting these Jane!

  4. Janet, I love Elizabeth Gaskell, but I failed miserably at this quiz! Think North and South is my favorite.

  5. Wow!! I love Elizabeth Gaskell, but apparently not as much as I thought I did. I did terrible on this quiz.