Monday, June 14, 2010

Jane in June meets Midsummer Madness

Misty at Book Rat is hosting Jane in June, a month-long love-in with everyone's favorite author. This week she is featuring my collection of short stories, Intimations of Austen, which means a giveaway for 2 signed copies (international!), an Austen-oriented interview with moi, and a lovely review of the book.

Stop by the Book Rat to talk Austen, enter the giveaway (timed for June 21, the solstice), check out my interview, and generally share the Austen love...

Also, to those of you who have already read Intimations, Misty invites you to chat with her about your favorite bits in my stories--was there an "aha" moment for you, which did you like best, what made you think about a character in a different way.

BTW, in my interview, I mention other stories that are on my website. For the record, my website is You can find all the stories in Intimations there, plus the novel-length works, plus some non-Austen writing.

Another BTW - here is a link to a post I did that contains summaries of the stories in Intimations of Austen if you want to get a flavor of what I write about.


  1. Beautiful interview Jane! I greatly enjoyed it!

  2. jane - thank you for sharing this post which is fascinating. i love the font cover of Imitations.... have you read the collection of short stories "Dancing with Mr Darcy"? I really enjoyed that.

    Thanks indeed for sharing


  3. How exciting! My copy of your book is making the rounds in my book club. I first loaned it to the gal that is on of the leaders of the Jane Austen society and she absolutely loved it, too!

  4. Hannah - I didn't realize Dancing with Mr. Darcy was a set of short stories, so yes, I will definitely check these out.

    Lisa - thanks so much letting me know you have shared my book and a fellow JASNA member enjoyed it! Makes me smile--thanks.