Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back from Travels...Won Kreativ Blogger Award in Absentia

The Kreativ Blogger Award has been awarded to Reading, Writing, Working, Playing by The Anne Boleyn Files (if you haven't checked out this amazing site, I urge you to do so!).

Thanks, Claire, for the award--such a pleasant surprise to find this in my comments when I logged on this morning.

The award guidelines are that on receiving the award you must post 7things you love and then give the award to 7 other bloggers who are creative. So, here goes!

7 Things I love
1. My family - husband, kids, parents, brothers and sister and all their spousal units and kids and so forth!
2. Reading and writing (and working and playing) - a world without words is one that I cannot imagine
3. History
4. Traveling and coming home
5. The third rock from the sun and the little spot on it known as Colorado - it is so beautiful, a gem in the Milky Way
6. Tea with milk and honey
7. Gardening and cooking with my garden produce - there is no better way to feel connected to the earth

7 Blogs that Deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award (in no particular order):
1. BooksPlease - always interesting, whether Margaret is writing or posting photos or artwork, it's lovely to look at and thought-provoking
2. Elegant Extracts - funny, interesting, quirky, Theresa's blog is a joy
3. You Can Never Have Too Many Books - Susan and I have such similar taste in books...always a pleasure to see what I'll be reading next :)
4. Willow Manor - I've just started visiting this blog but the range of topics and art/photos makes it always a worthwhile time spent.
5. Bellsknits - I don't knit anymore but I love to visit this blog and admire the work and taste and passion that goes into the blog and the items she's made.
6. Echostains - another blog that is new to me but blows me away with the creativity on display. Cool, cool, cool.
7. My Cozy Book Nook - another new edition to the blogs I visit. Molly writes about books a bit differently from the norm, and I like that!


  1. Thank you very much, Jane! I am very honored indeed.

  2. How was Ireland? Oh, I so want to go there!

    thank you so very much for the award, Jane!!! I am honoured too. I love your blog....oh, I see on Twitter that you went to Whitby. Oh, Dracula too - we have a picture of the abbey overlooking Whitby that i just love, as well as of the abbey itself. What did you think of Whitby?? You can send me an email if you prefer :-D
    I'm not on Twitter, I can barely keep up with everything else now as it is!!

  3. Thank you very much for the award and your kind words about my blog. I'm a fan of yours too.
    I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on the Shakespeare book and think it's a great idea to have one for Austen. I've just not long finished reading Tomalin's biog of her, which is very good - I expect you've read it too?

    I hadn't realised you're on Twitter, but then I've only recently started "tweeting" (is that the right word?)myself. Now, I'm going to pop over and read yours.