Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Plymouth Grove, Gaskell's Home, Granted £2.5 Million Upgrade reports that Plymouth Grove, the Manchester home of Elizabeth Gaskell, received a grant from the Manchester City Council for £2.5 Million for the following:
repairing dry rot, a new roof, new drains and lime plaster on the exterior walls. The original features will also be restored as well as the house being given disabled access, and a lift to all the floors...Once the work is completed, the house will be used for a wide range of community events, exhibitions and meetings.

The house is described as a "Regency style Villa...built in the 1830s.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Oscar. I love the ancient world(s) too. If I got to start over, I think I would study archeology as well as English lit. Maybe in my next life :)

  2. Hi Jane,

    just to let you know of a couple of Gaskell websites that might be of interest.One is - which is the (albeit unfinished) website of Elizabeth Gaskell House (84 Plymouth Grove), and the other - that is the final resting place of elizabeth, her husband and other family members.

    Thanks, Mark

  3. Thanks, Mark, for both urls. I've bookmarked them and plan to spend some time exploring them. I think the Brook Street Chapel one is especially promising because I am still very much in the learning stage about Unitarianism.