Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Brontës of Haworth (1973) - episode 2

This episode began with a reenactment of the famous portrait of the sisters by Branwell. Although it is suggested that Branwell's self-portrait in the middle has been somehow erased--not sure how that would work--the mini-series suggest that he never got around to painting himself in...just as he never got around to living up to his potential. The irony being that the sisters, especially Charlotte, expected to live in his shadow, but he, of course, only lived in theirs, much to his torment.

Episode 2 mainly focuses on Branwell, with a small detour when Charlotte and Emily go to Brussells to school. For the most part, I think the casting is wonderful, but I didn't care for the actor playing M. Heger (IMBD doesn't list him so I may have to try to catch his name in the credits). He seemed far younger and more debonair than I've imagined M. Heger to be. I always thought Charlotte was attracted to his mind :)

I'm woefully ignorant of Anne's life, but I'm liking her enormously as played by Anne Penfold, and William Weightman's death was truly Brontëesque. I loved how Emily scolded Charlotte for never realizing Anne's affection for William. And, of course, his death was yet another nail in Branwell's own coffin, at least according to screenwriter Christopher Fry.

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