Monday, March 09, 2015

Travelogue: San Francisco

We visited our daughter in San Francisco over the weekend to see her in Stop Kiss, an amazing play performed by the A.C.T (i.e., American Conservatory Theatre) Fellows.  But before we saw the play Saturday night, we did a little sightseeing.

First stop was Muir Woods National Monument, just north of the city in gorgeous Marin County.  We did a wonderful 5.5 mile hike—half along the floor of the valley gazing up at towering redwoods, and the other half elevated above the floor but still dwarfed by these magnificent trees.   Signs throughout the park request visitors to be quiet, and the grove really does impart a sacred feeling. 

After our hike we headed down to Stinson Beach where we had a wonderful lunch at the Parkside Café (both the fish tacos and crab cakes were sublime) before heading out to walk along the beach and sun ourselves, like seals, on the rocks.  We were blessed with beautiful clear blue skies and warm weather with just a soft sea breeze.  Heavenly.

Saturday took us to the Farmer’s Market and then Fisherman’s Wharf for taking pictures of all the sailboats jockeying for position under the Golden Gate Bridge.  In the afternoon we headed to South Beach to see the tall ships, Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain, which were docked at Pier 40.  We chatted with the crews and watched Lady Washington cast off with a deck full of tourists for a spin around the SF Bay.  If you are interested in the schedule of these beautiful ships, visit Historical Seaport.

We finished up Sunday with a stroll through Golden Gate Park--birdwatching, peoplewatching, and enjoying the wonderful warm sun and first flowers of spring before we headed to the airport and home.


  1. These are great pictures and it looks as if you had a really nice trip.

    I have never been to San Francisco but I really want to get there.

  2. What a fun trip! It's been 15 years since my husband was at Muir Woods and he still talks about it a lot. Someday we'll get there. My nephew may be moving to San Francisco so maybe we'll have to go see him!