Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Musketeers

I've been enjoying The Musketeers on BBC America this summer.  I used to love the movie from 1973 with Michael York as D'Artagnon, Oliver Reed as Athos, and Faye Dunaway as Milady.  For me, that movie was the definitive Three Musketeers.  Now, though, I have to give the nod to the mini-series.  I just love the format--multiple episodes means the writers can draw out the characters over time, tell their stories more leisurely, and build a connection between viewer and character that is more lasting.

Here's what Wikipedia had to say...

The Musketeers is a BBC historical-action drama programme based on the characters from Alexandre Dumas's novel The Three Musketeers and co-produced by BBC America and BBC Worldwide. The first episode was shown on BBC One on 19 January 2014. It stars Luke Pasqualino (D'Artagnan), Tom Burke (Athos), Santiago Cabrera (Aramis), Howard Charles (Porthos) and Peter Capaldi (Cardinal Richelieu). Ten episodes have been produced in series one which aired from January to March 2014.
Jessica Pope and Adrian Hodges produced the show for the BBC. The programme is largely filmed in Prague. All the major actors, except Capaldi, have been "contracted for the long run". The show was commissioned for a second series on 9 February 2014.

It's great swashbuckling fun, a nice escape from the usual fare, the costumes and sets are great (except everyone has great teeth!), and the stories are interesting.  Much better than Robin Hood, which I got tired of after they killed off Maid Marion, and Merlin, which I never could get into.

Take a look...


Cardinal Richelieu



Queen Anne and King Louis


Aramis and Porthos


  1. We caught part of one episode of this and enjoyed it and then never can remember to check for it or find out when it airs. Sounds like we need to do that!

  2. I also love the 1973 Film. I have not seen the mini series but it does sound really good. I will try to catch this. Maybe I will watch the movie again soon too.

  3. That does sound like such a fun series!

  4. You're right,Jane. Great fun! Looking forward to series 2!

  5. I liked this quite a bit and am glad to hear it will be back (you never know these days!) I gave up on Robin Hood early, but I definitely would have stopped if I'd still been watching when they killed Marion. You don't do that.

  6. Oh dear. This is one of my All time Favorite books (love Dumas in general....). Do you get BBC America from your cable company? Maybe this will be out on DVD soon...? Now must go and investigate. I love the older version as well but can be tempted by this one easily I think...