Monday, July 28, 2014

Mailbox Monday - Unaccustomed Earth

I haven't done Mailbox Monday in a while because I have been trying to read from my shelves and resist acquiring more than I can handle.

However, I met my sister for lunch yesterday and we did some book trading over mimosas and omelettes.

She gave me a copy of Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri, and said it was fantastic.  So that's my new book for this month!  I'm excited to read it because it is eight interconnected short stories set in Cambridge, Seattle, India, and Thailand.  I don't get to India and Thailand much in my reading and I've been wanting to, so this will be perfect.

Here's what Amazon had to say:
These eight stories by beloved and bestselling author Jhumpa Lahiri take us from Cambridge and Seattle to India and Thailand, as they explore the secrets at the heart of family life. Here they enter the worlds of sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, daughters and sons, friends and lovers. Rich with the signature gifts that have established Jhumpa Lahiri as one of our most essential writers,Unaccustomed Earth exquisitely renders the most intricate workings of the heart and mind.
Anyone read this book or anything by Lahiri.  The cover of this book said she won a Pulitzer Prize for The Namesake.


  1. I read this a while back, hope you enjoy it!

  2. Book trading over mimosas and omelettes sounds awesome. Happy reading! Unaccustomed Earth sounds very good.

  3. I've been reading from my TBR stack too! This one sounds terrific.

    2 Kids and Tired Books MM

  4. Smart move to try to limit the number of books coming in. I wish I could do that. :)

    ENJOY your book and your reading week.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

  5. I read Unaccustomed Earth several years ago and really liked it. I hope you do as well.

  6. I tend o to like it when short stories are interconnected whether they are in major or minor ways. In some ways it seems to reflect reality more accurately then other types of fiction. That is, there are lots of things going on with lots of people that are not directly related but there are all sorts of connections out there.

  7. I loved Unaccustomed Earth - even more than Interpreter of Maladies or The Namesake. Need to make time for The Lowland soon...

  8. Unaccustomed Earth is new to me, but it does seem like the type of book I'd enjoy. I just may need to look a little more into it.