Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today's Post is Brought to you by the Letter "D"

Simon of Stuck in a Book blog is hosting a really fun meme that I just had to play along with.  You comment on Simon's post and he assigns you a letter of the alphabet and your job is to list a favorite book, author, song, film, and object beginning with that letter.

I was given the letter D to play with, and so here are my picks:

Book - D is for the Diary of Anne Frank.  I spent a bit of time browsing my D titles on GoodReads Books Read list, and kept coming back to this one as a favorite.  I've read it numerous times and as a teen and an adult.  It has had a profound affect on our world, and Anne Frank's legacy is felt everywhere.  Visiting the attic in Amsterdam where the family lived in hiding was incredibly moving.

Author - D is for Dickens. Duh?  I admit that Dickens and I have our issues, but when it comes to authors, he is the letter D.  I love many of his books--Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield, Little Dorrit, Tale of Two Cities, to name a few--and really only disliked one, Hard Times.  But his impact on Victorian society, the reform movement, literature, and popular culture set him apart.

Song - D is for Devil Baby, by Mark Knopfler.  I really love this song and listen to it a lot.  This is the kind of folk-rock stuff that I groove on.

Film - D is for .... hmmm, I had a hard time with this one.  Damn Yankees (I love the Bob Fosse choreography), Dances with Wolves (good movie, but I didn't love it enough to watch it more than twice), Dr. Zhivago (my Mom's favorite, but not really mine), Duck Soup (I was absolutely nuts about the Marx Bros when I was a teen).  I have to go with Diner--it came out in 1982 when my husband and I started dating.  We went to see it twice and it was one of the first VHS tapes we bought after we got married and bought a VCR.  I really want to watch it's been years!

Object - D is for dirt.  It's that foundation thing.  Without dirt, we have no flowers, trees, or mud pies.  No places to bury pirate treasure.  No way to preserve ancient villages.  No place for rabbits, prairie dogs, and snakes to live.  Without dirt, we got nothing.


  1. This is a neat and fun meme! It is such a creative idea.

    I like the fact that you picked Dickens as the author even though you have some reservations about him. Sometimes that which is imperfect has the most impact. Plus I have similar feelings concerning Dickens.

  2. Loved your choices! Choosing dirt was priceless, but it really is true! What on earth would we do without dirt?

  3. Great post! I got the letter 'O' and I'm not sure what to do with it. It might take me all weekend to think up a song and a movie..and all the rest. :) Love your picks.

  4. I like your choices, particularly Anne Frank's Diary and Dickens - I really must read more of his books! I know what you mean about Dances with Wolves - I loved it the first time, but it didn't really stand up to watching it again, which I did and was a bit disappointed at my reaction. At first I couldn't think why Dirt would be a favourite, but I see why you chose it - it is the basis of everything!

  5. What a fun way to get to learn more about people! I'm going to have to head over and play along.

  6. Oh, what fun... of course you would choose Dickens ;-)
    I just had Audrey assign me a letter and will post it tomorrow.

  7. Fun! I just added Hard Times to my list (due to a post that's scheduled for tomorrow), but I may change my mind and go with Pickwick Papers instead.

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. It seems that people either love or hate HardTimes. I'm in the latter category :)