Thursday, April 17, 2014


I love the library in Longmont, Colorado, the nearest city to where I live.  It has a great selection of books; it is in a terrific network of libraries that enable me to get just about anything via loan that the library doesn't hold; it has dozens of Great Courses on CD plus loads of audio books; it hires friendly people; and is one of my favorite places.

However, I've always felt a bit badly that the village I live in doesn't have a bookstore, library, or even branch library...until now.  We just got our own LittleFreeLibrary and it is adorable.  I stopped by on my morning walk earlier this week to donate a copy of Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and to pick out a book for myself.  I ended up with The Broker, by John Grisham.

This will be my first Grisham novel.  I've always liked lawyer shows, starting with The Bold Ones: The Lawyers back when I was a kid, and I loved LA Law, and now The Good Wife, and most recently Suits. But, I haven't read many, or any, lawyer-based novels, so this should be fun.

I don't really need more books on my TBR shelves--I have enough reading material to last for awhile and I keep on finding new titles/authors via my book blogging friends. But the way I see it, I have to support my neighborhood LittleFreeLibrary or else it will starve and die, and it's too cute to let that happen.


  1. I love the whole Little Free Library concept and especially like the construction/ paint job of your little branch. Major Pettigrew's Last Stand will no doubt be borrowed soon. Hope you enjoy John Grisham!

  2. That is so adorable! I know there are some in the Houston area, though I've never seen one. I live in an apartment complex, so I can't start one, but I would love to some day.

  3. The Little Free Library concept is awesome! The boxes also look great.

    My library network is also very good. Though I hate to be negative my actual library is not. I would understand if it were lack of resources, but while it seems that its of energy and resources are put into the DVD and CD areas, the book section is neglected, disorganized, and paltry.

    1. That's a pity--I experienced the same thing at the other major library near me. It's in a bigger town but the library in the smaller town is much better.

  4. What a cute Little Free Library! There's one in the town where we do our shopping etc. and it's adorable too. I haven't taken a book for it yet but plan to soon.

    I hope you enjoy Grisham. I used to read his books but haven't in a while.

  5. It is a cute Little Free Library. How fun to have it so close!

  6. I love those tiny libraries! Wouldn't it be great if every small town had them? I could drive around the little towns around here donating books.