Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rutherford's Rebels of Ireland and Tentative Itineary for June Trip

One of my daughters and I are planning a trip to Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland this June, and we will have three days in Dublin, so I decided to delay Wives and Daughters for just a bit so that I could read Edward Rutherford's Rebels of Ireland as homework for the trip. I read his Princes of Ireland are few years ago, and enjoyed it so much. I've read several of his books--Sarum, The Forest, London--and always enjoyed them, though it seems just when I am getting into a character, that part of the story ends and we jump forward by 200 years to find out what the descendents of the character are up to.

I've also been pouring through guide books and watching Rick Steves' PBS specials on DVD from the library. The trick is to have lots of options, but not feel like we have to do and see everything. We only have just over two weeks. Here's our itinerary thus far--advice? Opinions?

Arrive in Dublin, stay 3 nights

Ferry to Holyhead, proceed to Shrewsbury with stops along the way, stay 1 night

Proceed to Stratford, stay 2 nights (see 1 play)

Proceed to Haworth, with a possible stop at Knutsford if it's not too out of the way, stay 2 nights

Proceed to Scarborough, with a stop at York Cathedral, stay 2 nights

Proceed to Edinburgh, stay 2 nights

Proceed to Inverness, stay 2 nights

Return to Edinburgh and fly home

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