Friday, September 19, 2008

Brontës of Haworth (1973) - episode 5

The mini-series is worth watching. I reiterate my contention that it is a dramatization of Gaskell's bio, but since I liked the bio for what it was/is, I'm cool with that. I was happy to see that the Brontë/Nicholls marriage was portrayed as a happy one. I've had my doubts, Gaskell's reassurances notwithstanding, but Charlotte, in the final episode, clearly cared for her husband deeply and had a lively, lovingly, teasing relationship with him, the latter coming from his tendency to protect her in ways she didn't feel she needed.

Patrick Brontë was also portrayed as less a crank than as a Victorian father. He has the last word in the film, with Arthur exiting stage left after their disagreement as to the commissioning of Gaskell to do the biography. There's a lot of ego tied up in Mr. Brontë, that was never skirted, but also keen intelligence that recognized what his daughters, particularly Charlotte, contributed to the world of literature.

What to watch next in the Brontë field--a documentary, an adaptation of one of the novels, another dramatization of the lives of the daughters? I'm open to input...what do you like?

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