Hadrian's Wall Travelogue - July 2017

My husband Jeff and I walked the Hadrian's Wall Path, west to east, from Bowness on Solway to Wallsend, in July 2017. We took 11 days, with one layover day at the top.

Here are the links to my posts about our trip.

Part 1: Bowness on Solway to Beaumont (12 miles)
Part 2: Beaumont to Park Broom (11 miles)
Part 3: Park Broom to Lanercost (10.7 miles)
Part 4: Lanercost to Greenhead( 9.5 miles)
Part 5: Greenhead to Once Brewed (9 miles)
Part 6/7: Once Brewed to Carraw (8.2 miles)
Part 8: Carraw to Humshaugh (7.63 miles)
Part 9: Humshaugh to East Wallhouses (10.32)
It's a Wrap - final two legs of trek plus tips and advice (23.61 miles)


  1. So, you must be on your way back? I so enjoyed experiencing your trip via your logs. Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful time. It sure seems like you did. It will be good to have you back though. :)

    1. We got back on July 21, but it took me a little way to get the final posts put together. I'm glad you enjoyed the trek along with me!

  2. What an experience. And I am beyond impressed!